Our small Groups

What can we help you overcome through God's grace?

Men's Groups

  • Men of Significance (Men dealing  with Anger, Rejection, Depression, Hardships, Insecurity & Co-Dependent Relationships​​


  • Overcomers (Men Struggling with Addictions - Gambling, Video Games, Internet, Pornography, Sexual Activities, Drug & Alcohol)

WoMen's Groups

  • Women Restored (Women dealing with Family Dysfunctions, Self-Esteem, Loneliness, Rejection, Depression, Anxiety & Fear)

  • Overcomers (Women Struggling with Addictions - Negative Thinking, Internet, Food, Spending, Risky Behaviors, Drug & Alcohol)

Future Groups

  • Purity (Young adult ladies focusing on Sexual Purity)


  • Setting Men Free (Pornography and Sexual Addiction)

  • Hope Betrayal (Women Recovering from Unfaithfulness & Betrayal)

  • War Within (Men Struggling with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Sexual Abuse (Women)

  • Grief Recovery (Families dealing with Loss)

  • Hunger Within (Women Struggling with Food Addiction)

  • Internet & Cyberspace (Struggling with Social Media and Internet Habits)